“That´s right. There are a lot of times that I really need to be alone. I usually run at the end of the day: after work, after picking up the kids from school, helping them with their homework, driving one to surf school and another to my mother´s house, telling them to take a shower, pick up their shoes from the floor, stop the shouting, prepare your stuff for tomorrow, dry the inside of their ears. . . Yes, after all of this I really really want to be alone, so that I can keep some sanity in my mind!”


When I started to run in April 2008, when my 5th child was 1 year old it was to get in shape and to run away from stress. After some runs I realized that I liked running. Every km I runned I wanted more, I started to enjoy my breath, my sweated shirt and even my runs at the rain, the pain on my feet and legs and the felling of I DID IT in the end of each run. I discovered that I was not the only one, but that there were a lot of people like me. The one thing that I’m always admired is the fact that we are so different from each other. Some are old, some young, some women, some men, fat, and skinny, tall, small but we all love running! I found out that running is not a sport or a hobby, every time I run I feel thankful, I feel that I am lucky that I can run, I know that to RUN IS A GIFT.

Run IS a GIFT joined the ADDHU – Human Rights’ Advocate Association

Every Run is a Gift to Kenya
Purchase items at our store Run Is a GIFT = Helping the Children in Kenya!

ADDHU is present since 2008 in Ongata Rongai village, 20kms outside Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, with a welcome center (Wanalea Center) for orphans and vulnerable children. The opening of this center was a large and important step forward in the path of humanitarian aid and human rights, an idea that ADDHU supports with great enthusiasm. This center currently shelters 31 children from slums, mostly orphans, victims of abuse and/or neglect, AIDS victims and post-electoral conflicts. They lived in extreme poverty conditions, homeless, without food, without any kind of health care, without school and without love …

At Wanalea Center, these children live in a safe haven, have food and a school (they go to an official Kenyan school called Thorn Three School) as well as psychological counseling tailored to their needs.
All runners look up to Kenya as a great source of inspiration. A country in which one lives in extreme poverty and from where the greatest runners in the world come from!

We salute them for their dedication, perseverance, mental and physical resistance and Run IS A GIFT proudly joins and supports this great cause.
With every purchase you make at our shop Run IS A GIFT, you will be contributing to this cause!

Your purchase will be transformed into an aid pack, depending on the item you choose:
– 1 breakfast for 2 children;
– 1 Soap bar = clean hands for 10 children for one month;
– 1 breakfast for 3 children or 1 lunch for 3 children or 1 afternoon snack for 2 children;
– 1 Child fed for 10 days or 1 lunch for 10 children;
– 1 Oral hygiene kit (toothbrush and toothpaste);
– 1 Vaccine;
– 1 Notebook + pencil case;
– 1 School manual.

Run IS A GIFT … We run the WORLD!

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